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  1.中国的早期教育(Early Education in China)

  Chinese are very generous while educating children. Not caring about the money, parents of-ten send their children to the best schools or even abroad to study because they believe that the moreexpensive an education is, the better it is.

  So parents will spend an unreasonable amount of money oneducation. Even poor couples will buy a computer for their children. However, the best early education is usually very cheap. Children‘s skills vary. Most parents fail to realize though,what children lack today is self-respect and self-confidence. The problem is that parents are only educating their children on how to take multiple choice tests and study well instead of the most important skills of being confident, happy and clever. Parents can achieve this by teaching practical skills like cooking, sewing and other housework. Cooking will improve many skills children need later in life. Though demanding patience and time, it is an enjoyable experience. A good cook always tries to improve his cooking,so he works hard and gradually finishes his job successfully.His result, a well-cooked dinner, will give him much satisfaction and a lot of self-confidence. Some old machines, such as a broken radio or TV set your child plays with will make him curious and arouse his interest.

  He may spend hours looking at them, trying to fix them. These activities are not merely teaching a child to read a book, but rather to think, to use his mind. And that is more important.

  这篇“中国的早期教育(Early Education in China)”高考英语作文范文是很有参考价值的,考生们不妨就这个话题来写一篇这样的作文,看自己写得怎么样。

  2.我的母亲(My Mother)

  When I sat at the desk, trying to write the essay, I found it hard to set pen to paper. Staring at the topic I deliberately chose for myself "my mother", I felt the memory of 20 years with my mother suddenly turned into a haze, blurring my eyes to discern the past, with nothing towering, nothing flaring, nothing impressive or special enough as a landmark. The haze gradually cleared away, revealing the image of an amicable woman.

  I recalled a line from the famous movie "Sleepless in Seattle". The radio column hostess asked Sam, "What‘s so special about your wife?" He answered, "That‘s millions of small things." Right,trivial and commonplace, like obscure beans, yet woven into the most spectacular necklace by the power of love. My mother is ordinary, but in my eyes she is special. My mother gave birth to me with exceptionally difficult labor. Father received an emergency notice and was faced with a choice between the adult and the infant. Of course,the adult. So my coming into this world was an unexpected fortune at the price of Mother‘s painful insistence. Thus my 20 years began like this my mother exerted every effort to give me love, but I returned her with a deep scar that was to stay with her all through my growth. My mother is a senior high school English teacher. Under standably, she wanted her daughter to pick up English early to give her an edge to later study, which I did not understand at the age of eight.

  I was so obsessed with fun and games that I hated to stay peacefully with all those strange phonetic symbols and odd words. I wondered what pleasure Mother seemed to have found in teaching me A,B, C. Wasn‘t teaching at school tire some enough for her? I went on strike, refusing to spell a single word no matter how tender or severe Mother tried to be with me. For the first time in my life, Mother beat me, imprinting on my mind. The physical pain was gone long, long ago. But I have finally come to understand how it pained my mother to beat me for my obstinacy and disobedience, and I ache at her pain. Mother never gave up evoking in me an interest in knowledge. She placed the most emphasis on my education and took the most pleasure in my gradual formation of self-discipline in preparing myself for future development. Thanks to her effort and influence, I have been doing well, not only in English, but also in my positive attitudes and conviction towards life. Now I am so grateful to my mother for everything she has taught me, but at that time it was far beyond my comprehension. As a little girl, I thought of my mother as meticulous and my father as a best playmate. I still remember I wrote in my elementary school a composition dedicated to my father about how he cared for me.

  Naturally Mother felt she was ignored, so I wrote another one for Mother, intending to tell her she was so good a teacher that she sometimes had only students on mind and neglected her daughter. Unexpectedly, Mother was gloomed and her eyes went wet. I am so sorry now for that affected composition. I am Mother‘s daughter, and I am Mother‘s student. I could never be neglected by Mother, because I am the forever scar on her body, the forever pain on her mind, yet the forever bliss in her life. I did not write much in the past about Mother‘s love for me. Today, this essay is for her, and for her only. I wish to let her know my regret and gratitude. I wish she could hear, "I love you, Mother."

  这篇“我的母亲(My Mother)”高考英语作文范文是很有参考价值的,考生们不妨就这个话题来写一篇这样的作文,看自己写得怎么样。

  3.洪水(A Flood)

  The heavy rain has been pouring down all the time for there days. Not only fields but also villages have been fooded. Last night, houses were washed away by the flood and the villagers were in danger and struggling in the water, crying

  for help. Just then the PLA men hurried over by steamboat, They did their best to save villagers and helped them to move onto the riverbank. The government for the villaders very much. Tents, food, clothes and medicine were sent to them without delay. Without the Party and the PLA men, a large number of people would have lost their lives ia the flood or died of hunger.

  这篇“洪水(A Flood)”高考英语作文范文是很有参考价值的,考生们不妨就这个话题来写一篇这样的作文,看自己写得怎么样。





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